Mixing small town charm with amenities of the big city, Wilmington, North Carolina is becoming a top choice for young couples and families. Located on the southern shores of North Carolina, the port town of Wilmington offers residents a quiet downtown life located near the channel with a beach atmosphere just minutes away. There are many reasons why Wilmington NC will make a perfect place as your forever home. Read on to see what the area provides.

Beautiful Beaches

Want to live on the waterfront, with sand right outside your door? You can easily do so on any of the beautiful beaches of Wilmington. The beaches of North Carolina are lovely, where couples or families can purchase a beach bungalow with beautiful scenery from every window. Beaches in Wilmington include Wrightsville, Kure and Carolina Beach, each offering fun activities and pristine views.

Southern Charm and History

Wilmington dates back to the early 1500s, with various areas of the city still providing insight into the areas past. Residents can live in or visit antebellum historic homes and buildings that were first created when the city of Wilmington was the largest in the state. Historic sites to see in the city include the Latimer House and the Bellamy Mansion.

Affordable Living

Living in Wilmington is also very affordable, be it for singles, couples or families. Seaside living is quite affordable, making it possible for homeowners to live on the water for far less than in other cities. Homeowners can purchase waterfront homes with their own boat slips or other amenities to meet their personal needs. The median price for a home in Wilmington is around $226,000. The cost of living is also lowered due to the town being walkable, cutting down on the need for transportation.

College Town Perks

Wilmington is also known as a college town, on top of the waterfront activities enjoyed by residents and visitors. The University of North Carolina Wilmington is a top educational institution. The college portion of town provides residents with a nice selection of nightlife including bars and breweries, as well as top quality restaurant dining. Many young people move to the city to attend college while others move to Wilmington to find employment within the university.

Outdoor Activity

As mentioned, Wilmington is a port town. Residents can easily own a boat or other seacraft, heading out on the water whenever they like. The city is also home to several parks, offering a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. Dog parks such as Empie Dog Par or Ogden Dog Park are perfect for pet owners in the region. For water access, residents will be able to visit Greenfield Park, Archie Blue Park, Anne McCrary Park and Dram Tree Park. Each park offers some type of water access, be it for fishing, boat launch, kayak or canoe launch. Playgrounds and walking trails can also be found at local parks in the city.

If you are in search of a new waterfront community to create your forever home, Wilmington NC is a solid choice. Learn more about the region and visit Wilmington to see what the city can offer you and your family.

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