Summer is almost here! Time to hit the water and enjoy a little rest and relaxation! And if you are a boat owner, you have even more reason to celebrate summer. However, before the season starts, you want to be sure that everything is ready to go. Below are some tips on getting your boat ready for summer. Follow these simple steps and you will be enjoying a worry-free summer on the water in your beautiful boat!

Tune up

First and foremost, have your boat go through a thorough tune-up with a professional. Chances are you haven’t used your boat for some months, so there could be some minor issues that need correcting in order to safely hit the water this summer. The engine will need to be inspected and tuned up to prevent breakdowns and to also help with fuel efficiency. All of the gauges need to be properly checked as well, and the water pump, thermostat, and all fluids to make sure all are in order. When checking fluids, make sure to check the levels of the oil. Any repairs or upgrades can be completed during the tune up as well.

Battery Inspection and Filter Check

You can also inspect your battery and the water levels if you own a wet cell battery for your boat. If needed, the use of a battery tender can be helpful in keeping the charge on the battery and increasing the lifespan of the battery overall. Filters will most likely need to be replaced. It is best practice to replace your fuel filter every one hundred hours, or at least each year.

Equipment Check

Finally, make sure all of your equipment is in working order. Inspect life jackets and other safety equipment. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher on board that is up to code and not out of date. Also, your trailer with which you haul your boat to and from the water should be inspected as well. Check the pressure in the tires, wheel bearings, brake lights, and hitches and latches to make sure all are in working order. The trailer is important, as you wouldn’t be able to get your boat to the water without it!

When all of the above is said and done, you can rest assured that you will be getting on the water in a safe and fine-tuned boat, ready for the fun that is summer!

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