8 Reasons to Buy a New Home in Wilmington NC Waterfront Neighborhoods

When buying a home, it can be difficult to decide between a new home or a resale. However, The Mason Harbour Yacht Club is one of the best Wilmington NC waterfront neighborhoods to purchase a  new home or lot with water access and our brand new homes have something to offer everyone. Here are eight reasons to buy new.


Even though you might pay more for a new home up front, the eventual investment is worth it. New homes are likely to increase in value over time, meaning you could stand to make a profit if you decide to sell. This is especially true if the neighborhood and  new home community continue to grow into a desirable neighborhood with new stores, schools, etc.

Design Freedom

When you decide to buy a new home, you have some freedom of choice as far as layout and other design features are concerned. You can choose everything from the paint color, flooring, lighting, and more. This makes the home buying process a little more fun and saves you from having to remodel.


Let’s face it, appliances can be stressful to maintain. When you purchase a new home, you are also getting new appliances. This means the appliances will be under warranty and will be covered for at least the first few years should anything need repairs. This is a welcome relief as opposed to buying a resale home with older or used appliances.

Everything is Brand New

Take the joy of new appliances a step further and you will realize that everything in your new home is brand new! That means less possibility for repairs and more money in your pocket. And who doesn’t love new things? You can truly be comfortable in your new home knowing you are the first person to ever live in it or use anything in the home.


New homes are often equipped with the latest technology and safety features. When you buy a new home, you won’t’ have to worry about upgrading everything in order to feel safe in your home.

Better Financing

New homes often have more and better options for financing. For example, new home developments often use a particular mortgage lender in order to give their home buyers discounts or better interest rates. You are often limited to one type of loan when purchasing a resale home. Also new home developments often offer vetted custom home builders, that design and build homes with the latest technology and cost efficient materials.

Incentives for New Homes

Many new developers offer incentives to their home buyers, such as a certain amount of money to go towards closing costs or design features.


You will also be getting brand new amenities in your community. Think about how much you will enjoy a brand new sparkling pool or a walking path or fitness center that has never been used! 

If you love the water and the outdoor lifestyle checkout the Wilmington NC lots for sale with boat slips  we currently have available in The Mason Harbour Yacht Club!

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